Most of our projects are in schools, as schools have many advantages over other venues. We will, however, look at your situation. One of our first five projects is hosted by a church!

Our experience in schools goes back to 2010 when we started our first Van’s RV-12 (the only aircraft we build) in Jennings County High School in Indiana. We have mentored and completed projects in several states, and our graduates are well received in the aviation community. About 30% choose aviation as a career.

This is not an easy project, and it takes solid adult support. Unlike other programs, we have a complete three year aviation high school curriculum to back up our hands-on activities, and this requires support from your local school system. The rewards are amazing. We also have curriculum for the build project only.

You will learn more than the kids! Our program can become self-sustaining (through the sale of finished aircraft) and will become a point of community pride. We offer more start-up support than any other build organization. We hope to hear from you.