As a non-profit organization, we rely on support and donations to do what we do. All our staff are volunteers, but we do have sizable expenses, and we have to provide things to our projects. While we “aren’t there yet,” we are pleased to have many organizations and companies helping us along the way. They provide grants, gifts of money or equipment, discounts or rebates, and other much-appreciated support. Our goal is to have five or six national companies providing most of the Van’s RV-12 sub-kits.

Honor these companies with your business, and mention us.

National :
Cleaveland Tool
Dynon Avionics
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Van’s Aircraft

Columbus, Indiana:

Columbus Municipal Airport
Heritage Fund
Precision Engineering
Table Legs R Us
Salin Bank

Omaha, Nebraska:

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co
Automated Drive Systems
Barnstormers Family Bar and Grill
Oracle Aviation

Nashville, Tennessee:

Deaver Phoenix Foundation

San Antonio, Texas:

Dee Howard Foundation

Contact us if you would like to be an important part of this effort.