What’s New

Things you might like to know:

July, 2018. See us at Oshkosh. Evenings we will be at 51st and Lindbergh, days near the Homebuilt Hangar. We will have a forum Tuesday the 24th at 4:0 -5:15 PM, Forum Stage 1. Other exciting OSH news: our rep from NASA is joining us there, and we have a meeting with EAA regarding starting a “special needs” program.

March, 2018, AviationNation is actively working with other organizations to bring education and flight to even younger students. With aviation jobs going unfilled, this is of national importance. Look for news soon, and details about this RADICAL idea!

February, 2018, AviationNation receives the Frank G. Brewer Award for Youth Aviation Education.

AviationNation and several mentors from a total of three projects attended the November, 2017 AOPA Youth Aviation Education Symposium in Fort Worth, TX. Derek Rowe (Nashville, TN) made a major presentation. The President (Bob Kelly) has attended all three such meetings, ’15, ’16, and now 2017. This is the most important meeting for aviation education in the nation.