BCSC, Columbus, Indiana

The Bartholomew County School Corporation is just up the road from JCHS, yet the towns are very different. Columbus is more modern, industrialized, and well known (there is a movie in theaters now about Columbus and its famous architecture.) North Vernon is smaller, more rural and laid back, and has a totally different charm. I was amazed when JCHS jumped on aircraft building in their school back in 2010, and it took us over six years to get into BCSC.

But BCSC jumped in in a big way! They combined students from three schools (Columbus North, Columbus East, and Signature Academy) all into the program at Columbus North. It has worked well. Being relatively close, the two schools have had field trips together, and share experiences. We expect JCHS students to help finish the plane at BCSC, just to get everyone flying sooner. Teamwork.

The BCSC plane is still about 10 months from flying. It wasn’t begun until September of 2016. We will keep a running update here as time goes on.

Update March, 2018: The tail, wings and fuselage are complete, and the students are hard at work on the Finish Kit. It contains some of the wiring, the landing gear, canopy, and cowl. The work looks good! We have the funds to finish the aircraft and hope to have it at Oshkosh, AirVenture 2018.

Update: July 2018: The engine is mounted and we are installing avionics. This is a nice aircraft, and it is for sale! Contact me, Bob Kelly (812) 701-5454.