JCHS, North Vernon, Indiana

Welcome to the Jennings County High School build project!

JCHS represents a bit of history in modern aviation education. Students there have been involved with aircraft construction since 2010 and are now completing their third aircraft, another Van’s RV-12, just like the first two. That first plane, now N908EN, was done under the Eagle’s Nest Projects banner. That was our first organization. That plane flew on July 16, 2012, and still is based at OVO, our local airport in North Vernon, Indiana.

JCHS is also home to the first AviationNation RV-12 build project. While we were restructuring and getting back into the school, we had “inside help.” The students wanted another project, and said so!

Stay tuned as this plane is nearing completion. We hope to have it flying well before year’s end. We will post pictures and updates from now (Sept, 2017) until it flies.

Update March 2018: We have had a hard winter and several major hold-ups, so we aren’t flying–yet. We are in the final stages, with the engine and prop on, avionics in, and most systems done and being inspected. We are waiting on parts to complete a Service Bulletin and have to have some warm weather to do the fiberglass around the canopy.

Update July 2018: We had our first engine start Monday, July 9. It went very well!

Update August 2018: We have the paperwork from the FAA, and are very near the First Flight! It looks good.

Update October 24, 2018: Van’s RV-12 #120453 became an airplane, breaking the surly bond of earth for the first time at about 4:42PM. It had a good first flight and flies fast and well!